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Refrigeration FAQ 

Q. What does graded mean?


A. Graded appliances are brand new products that may have minimal wear such as small scratches, scuffs or dents. Even with small cosmetic damages that do not affect the way the appliance operates, graded appliances can’t be sold as “brand new” by major retailers. Explore the largest collection of graded appliances in Birmingham today.


Q. What are the advantages of buying graded fridges or freezers with Borshch?


A. A huge advantage of buying graded refrigeration products is the potential to save significant amounts of money. At Borshch, our customers regularly secure savings of up to 40% in some cases! Another great advantage of buying a graded fridge or freezer is that once it is fitted and slotted in between cabinets, you will the likelihood of seeing any cosmetic damage is very rare.  

Q. How much do you charge for fridge delivery and installation?


A. Our delivery rates vary depending on the type of refrigeration appliance. For local delivery of a large American style fridge freezer to the front of your door, we charge £20.00. To move it into the house, we will charge £30. Installing an integrated fridge/freezer we will charge £85.00 and £65.00 for an integrated single door refrigerator.  


Q. I’ve ordered with Borshch, how do I dispose of my old fridge or Freezer?


A. We recommend that you call your local authority and arrange removal and disposal of your old appliance. It is important that you don’t try and dispose of the fridge yourself as it contains refrigerant chemicals that can be harmful to humans. In addition, improper disposal of your refrigerator can land you with a fine upwards of £50,000.  


Q. I want an American fridge freezer with built in cold water and ice machine, are there any special plumbing considerations?  


A. American style fridge freezers are somewhat different from normal fridges as some of them need to be “plumbed in” ie hooked up to your property’s mains water supply to produce ice and cold water. Other models classified as non-plumbed, allow you to top up the appliance’s internal water tanks which are then used to produce ice and cold water. When browsing fridge freezers online, the technical specs will highlight whether the model is plumbed or non-plumbed.


Q. What is the difference between integrated and freestanding fridges


A. Integrated fridges and freezers are built into a kitchen’s cupboards and worksurface units whilst free standing fridges are separate appliance units that are fitted into the permissible spaces of a kitchen and are on show. Integrated fridges are a more permanent kitchen fixture as they are installed into the kitchen whereas free-standing fridges are more interchangeable.  


Q. My fridge is not as cold as it used to be what’s the problem?   


A. There are a number of reasons why a fridge can lose its operating efficiency especially if it is fairly old. Common reasons for loss of cooling can include but are not limited to: clogged refrigerant coils, obstructed condenser fan, compromised door sealing or even overcrowding of food cutting off air flow.  


Q.  The food in my fridge compartment is freezing


A. The first port of call is to check the temperature on the thermostat. Ideally, it should be at no less than 5°C. Foods that contain high water content should also be moved away from direct or close contact with the fridge’s cold air spout as this can cause freezing.


Q. I’ve just installed my new American fridge freezer and the ice dispenser is not producing ice. How long does it take to produce ice after installation?  


A. On average it will take from anywhere between 6-12 hours for your appliance to start producing ice.


Q. Do Borshch’s fridges come with a manufacturer guarantee?


A. Yes, either 1 or two years depending on the model, this will be stated in the technical information.