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Keeping your food as fresh as possible in your home can be difficult. The old methods of owning and using a pantry or cold room have now been completely diminished. We now rely on refrigeration appliances such as freezers and fridges Birmingham to keep our fresh foods fresh. Here at Borshch Electric, we have a huge range of different fridges available at unbelievably low prices. If you’re looking to replace your current fridge, call us today on 0121 773 6361 and one of our team will be able to help you.

When looking for a new fridge, there are several specifications that you need to take into account. It begins with the space available in your kitchen. With different fridge fit types and sizes available, you are now able to find a fridge that will fit perfectly into your kitchen without you having to rearrange your entire kitchen! If you are tight on space in your kitchen, we recommend choosing an integrated fridge. We stock both tall and under counter integrated fridges Birmingham. The benefit of integrated fridges is that they can easily fit into a cupboard and be hidden behind a cupboard door so not to spoil your kitchen aesthetics.

Another fridge specification is the required storage capacity that you need. We all want to be able to store as much fresh food as possible at one time. However, if you have space restraints in your kitchen, finding a large capacity fridge can seem to be a tireless effort. Not when you choose Borshch Electric! Fridge manufacturers have spent years developing smaller fridges that can hold more food. Their methods include using smaller cooling motors and including removable shelves that allow you to move them and make space for larger food items, such as your Christmas turkey.

Here at Borshch Electric, our range of fridges include models from big name brands such as Smeg, Grundig and Gorenje. This means that we can guarantee you will receive a high quality and long lasting fridge that will be able to keep your food fresh and safe to eat for long periods of time. What’s more is that all of the fridges Birmingham that we stock come with a warranty so that you don’t have to worry about a thing. We are also able to deliver, install and dispose of your old fridge in an environmentally friendly way. Our team can organise all this at a time that suits you best when ordering your new fridge.

To begin your search for a new fridge, please use the filters above. Similarly, visit us in one of our showrooms around Birmingham to gain a hands-on experience with the fridges. Our team of highly trained sales advisors each have many years experience in fridge sales, which means that they are able to advise you on the best fridge for you and your requirements. If you’d like to learn more about our current range of fridges, please call us on 0121 773 6361



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    To get the best price on this product call one of our branches, alternatively you can email us directly
    To get the best price on this product call one of our branches, alternatively you can email us directly