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Fridge Freezers

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If you live in a small apartment or have a small kitchen, you will know the difficulties of having to find space for your larger kitchen appliances, such as refrigeration appliances. This is why, here at Borshch Electric, we stock a huge range of fridge freezers Birmingham that will fit in any size apartment of home. If you’re looking to solve your fresh and frozen food storage nightmares, choose a fridge freezer from Borshch today. Please call us on 0121 773 6361 to learn more of our fridge freezer stock.

One of the many benefits of choosing a fridge freezer over your usual separate fridge and freezer combination is the ability to be in reach of both your frozen foods and refrigerated foods without even moving! All your foods are in one compact kitchen appliance which lowers the amount of space taken up in your kitchen by bulky appliances. It also means that you don’t have to pay for two appliances, and therefore saving you money both initially purchasing the appliance and in the long run for electricity bills.

Another benefit of the humble fridge freezer is their removable interior shelves. This means that you don’t have to try and ram your fresh and frozen foods in, potentially damaging them. Having removable shelves and drawers allows you to move your shelves around to accommodate larger food items such as your extravagant Birthday cakes. It even allows you to remove them completely for even more storage capacity and easy cleaning. So no more trying to reach to the back of the fridge to scrub the shelves.

Many fridge freezer manufacturers are now including the function so that both your fridge and freezer compartments do not get clogged up with frost. This anti-frost function is extremely handy for busy families who don’t have time to defrost the interiors of their fridges or freezers. What’s more is that it takes out the mess that defrosting your freezer or fridge causes and allows you to have more storage space in your kitchen appliance for your fresh and frozen foods.

The fridge freezers that we stock are available in a wide variety of different colours, split types, fit types and opening sides which means that you are able to choose the perfect fridge freezer for your kitchen when you shop with us at Borshch. Fridge freezers Birmingham are available in different split types, such as the 70:30 split which means the freezer compartment is smaller than the fridge and split horizontally. Having different fit types available is also incredibly useful. We have many customers come into our showrooms with the issue of low space and they want to keep the aesthetics of their kitchen intact. This is where a built in fridge freezer comes in useful as you are able to ‘hide’ it within your current existing kitchen cupboard. This means you do not lose out on space or appearance.

If you’re wanting to learn more about the fridge freezers that we stock or more about fridge freezers Birmingham in general, please call our showroom on 0121 773 6361. Similarly, please visit us in store to get a real hands-on experience with the kitchen appliances.

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    To get the best price on this product call one of our branches, alternatively you can email us directly
    To get the best price on this product call one of our branches, alternatively you can email us directly