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American Fridge Freezer

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If you require a refrigeration appliance that is able to store a large amount of fresh and frozen foods, we recommend choosing an American fridge freezer for your home. They are the number one choice for effective food storage solutions. The can store almost double the amount of fresh food and frozen food that your regular fridge freezer can. If you’re interested in purchasing a new American fridge freezer for your home, please call our team on 0121 773 6361 and they will be able to advise you on the best one for your needs.

American fridge freezers have grown ever more popular in recent years. Their popularity has increased due to their wide range of benefits for fresh and frozen food storage. One of their main benefits is their huge storage capacity. This allows larger households to be able to store all their fresh and frozen foods in one place and not have to sacrifice any item. Another great benefit of the American fridge freezer is that some models come with an external water and ice dispenser. This means that you can have access to cold water or ice at the push of a button, making it ideal for dinner parties and those hot summers days.

The American fridge freezers that we stock here at Borshch Electric each have their own great benefits and features which means that you are able to find the perfect one to suit you and your food storage needs. Removable and adjustable shelves is another great feature that most American fridge freezers Birmingham now have included. This means that you are able to choose where you put your shelves to allow for larger food items, such as the Christmas turkey, to be stored inside. Similarly, it allows for easy cleaning as you can simply remove the shelves and hand wash them yourself; no need to lean in awkwardly!

Here at Borshch Electric, we are a proud member of The Sirius Buying Group which means that we are part of a wide number of other kitchen appliance retailers across the UK. It also means that we are able to give our customers amazingly unbeatable prices on the kitchen appliances that we stock. Furthermore, it means that we have exclusive access to a number of products that you won’t see for sale anywhere else. Each member of our team is also trained especially on each kitchen appliance that we stock so that they are able to outline the specifications and the benefits of each, allowing you to know that you are making the right purchase.

If you’d like to begin your search for your dream American fridge freezer, please use the filters above. Similarly, please feel free to visit us in one of our stores in and around Birmingham. We have a number of highly trained members of our kitchen appliance sales team on hand to answer any questions that you may have. Or, finally, please call us on 0121 773 6361 and we will be able to advise you over the phone.



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    To get the best price on this product call one of our branches, alternatively you can email us directly
    To get the best price on this product call one of our branches, alternatively you can email us directly