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Ebac Limited


Perfect Wash Protection

All Ebac E-Care Washing Machines have Perfect Wash Protection a clever sensing technology that prevents damage to clothes caused by imbalanced laundry loads.

Intelligent Hot-Fill Technology

Environment Friendly
Intelligent Hot Fill increases speed of wash cycles, saving on energy costs. The perfect partner for renewable energy homes, homes with a hot water cylinder, environmentally friendly and cost saving.

Believe in British Manufacturing...We Do.

Ebac, founded in 1972 is the UK's largest Manufacturer of Domestic Appliances! Ebac is a true British manufacturer, they manufacture our products in the UK at their factories in County Durham. They employ UK workers to design, engineer, produce, assemble, box and ship their goods around the UK and around the world.

Economic Fact - The number of UK companies manufacturing goods in Britain is overshadowed by imported goods. As a result, virtually all the wealth generated by the sale of imported goods goes straight back overseas. Worse still, the UK economy does not create the jobs that would otherwise be necessary to manufacturer these goods.

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