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About Bosch

The turn of the new millennium signalled a transformational shift for Bosch. Technological advancements changed our world in ways that we did not think were possible and the company began to venture into new territories. In every sphere, Bosch began working towards a connected world. Improving mobility, shaping the cities of the future, and making homes smarter, industries connected, and healthcare more efficient is now a key focus for the company.

Whether it’s a fridge, freezer, oven, dishwasher or washing machine, every Bosch appliances is built to our exacting standards and your everyday needs.


You don’t have to compromise on clean laundry just because you want to save time or save even more energy. Our washing machines with VarioPerfect™ technology, give you two ways to get laundry perfectly clean every time. Bosch dishwashers combine practical functions with great quality build, optimum cleaning and EcoSilence Drive™ that produces exceptional low levels of noise.

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Small Appliances

Bosch boasts many award-winning small appliances including cordless vacuums, irons and food preparation appliances. If you want to mix and match your kettle and toaster there are various colour options. Our kettles are elegantly designed and feature the latest heating technology.

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There’s a huge range of design and price to choose for your cooking and baking needs. The series 8 range offers touch technology display, elegant design and superb functionality. All Bosch cooking appliances have easy to use control, quality engineering and co-ordinating lines and matching panels.

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Save more, waste less. The Bosch refrigeration range is packed with innovative VitaFresh technology to keep your food fresher for longer, so you’ll throw out less and save on your weekly shopping bill. With energy ratings of up to A+++ rating, you can also rest assured that your appliances will be as energy efficient as possible.

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The Bosch laundry range offers outstanding performance and cleaning/ drying results. Their range of Washers, Dryers & Washer Dryers gives you a big choice of drum size, quieter than ever noise level with the Eco silence drive. Their heat pump dryers have been awarded A++ energy ratings. If you’re looking to combine the washer and dryer Bosch offer appliances that use half the water consumption of a standard washer dryers and dries almost double the amount of laundry.

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