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Washing Machines

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Are you in need of a new washing machine for your home? Is your current washing machine not performing as well as it used to? Or are you moving out and need to buy your own? Or maybe you are just in need of a larger washing machine for your growing household? At Borshch, we supply over 150 washing machines from over 20 different big name brands to homes in and around the Birmingham, Walsall and Dudley areas.

At Borshch, we are dedicated to finding you the best kitchen appliance for you and your family. We only supply the best products at great prices, with the option for delivery direct to your home 5 days a week. Not only do we sell brand new washing machines, we also specialise in selling almost new and slightly marked machines so we can promise you a great price for an almost brand new washing machine.

Our knowledgeable and friendly team in-store can advise you on the best washing machine for your requirements, from the size of your family to the frequency that you use your washing machine. You can call one of our stores today to speak to a team member or fill out our contact form on our Contact Page to get a fast response to solve your issue.