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Buying Cookers In Birmingham

Cookers are favoured by many due to their size and multi-functional use. Consisting of an oven, a hob top and grill, cookers offer a compact solution to modern cooking requirements. There are many different types of cooker available each with varying configurations. At Borshch Electric we are proud to offer the very latest cooker models from a selection of some of the best manufacturers in the business including Montpellier, Flavel, Smeg, Rangemaster and Belling. We are also Birmingham’s number one retailer for graded cooker models which means we can offer our customers the latest and greatest cooker brands for up to 40% off market price. If you are looking for cookers in Birmingham then there are many different options to choose from:

Ceramic - This cooker top is made from ceramic plates which are heated up using electricity. The surface of the plates is smooth and easy to wipe down which as you can imagine, is very useful when it comes to removing burnt on cooking stains.

Dual Fuel - Dual fuel refers to cooker units consisting of an oven and a hob both of which use a different source of fuel, usually with the oven using electricity and the hob using gas. Duel fuel is very popular because you can enjoy the responsiveness of gas hob cooking whilst also benefitting from the steady and even heat distribution of an electric fan oven.

Electric - Electric cookers run entirely on electricity and do not rely on gas in any way. The advantage of an electric cooker is that the hob plates are easy to clean and the oven and grill heat up evenly which is very important when maintaining carefully balanced temperatures for things like baking and roasts.

Gas - Gas cookers operate using purely mains gas which can be cheaper to run than an electric cooker. The huge advantage with gas cookers is the immediacy of the heat and the responsiveness of the gas hob.

Induction Cooker

Induction hob plates look very similar to ceramic plates but they generate heat differently. Induction hobs introduce an electrical charge which is then conducted through the pan. The resistance of the pan against the current then creates heat which is used to cook. As this heat is generated in the pan and is not transferred, transitional heat wastage is non-existent making induction cookers a highly energy efficient option.

Cookers With Borshch Electric

If you are unsure as to what cooker would be best suited to your needs, our experienced in-store team will be glad to advise and guide you. You can call one of our stores today to speak to a team member or fill out a contact form and we will get in touch. You can browse online and sort through our filter on the left-hand side to sort through our built-in dishwasher stock using the various options.

While you're here, why not browse our fantastic range of new and graded ovens!

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    To get the best price on this product call one of our branches, alternatively you can email us directly
    To get the best price on this product call one of our branches, alternatively you can email us directly