Traditional Kitchens In Erdington

This month we have blogged about the meteoric rise in popularity of the contemporary kitchen and how scores of homeowners are being seduced by the bold, modernistic and functional appearance. Borshch Electric is fast becoming one of the most rated sources kitchens in Erdington and lately, we've been observing customer preferences with great interest. We have noticed that whilst the contemporary kitchen style is very popular, there is still a demand for the classic traditional kitchen as this style encompasses a different approach based on detail, personality and warmth. With many customers wishing to achieve the classic look, we’ve outlined some classically traditional features that you should consider when designing your new kitchen.  

Recessed Cabinets & Handles

Nothing gives your kitchen more of an inviting period charm than recessed cabinets. Much of what defines the visual identity of a traditional kitchen is based on detail and patterning hence why recessed or “sunken” patterns are commonly used. By sinking in a door’s central panel, your cabinet units become multidimensional and display a great sense of depth and elegance especially when hit by light.    

Cabinet and cupboard handles also go hand-in-hand with recessed panels as they are somewhat of the ornamental icing on the cake. Selecting the right handles is a matter of personal preference but for a traditional kitchen think pewter knobs, cup pulls, drop pulls and shaker style handles.  

Tiled splashbacks


Splashbacks are used across all kinds of kitchens because they serve a very important purpose by protecting the wall behind the cooker from becoming stained and spoilt. Present day contemporary styles often employ large singular blocks made from ceramic or glass but for that classic look you should always opt for a tiled splashback.

Plain subway tiles are a favourite choice for many who are trying to achieve the classic traditional look but you can also opt for more ornately patterned tiles as a way to define the splashback feature from the rest of the wall.   

Range Cookers

range cooker

Although ovens and standard cookers still fare well in traditional style kitchens, nothing completes that snug look more than a magnificent cast iron range cooker. Synonymous with the rustic farmhouse feel, Range cookers come in a variety of colours and are either dual fuel or gas powered. One of the nostalgic features of the range cooker is the heavy-duty analogue knobs and the sheer bulkiness of the appliance.

Whilst looking the part, range cookers also pack some serious cooking punch and usually come with multiple oven cavities, grilling draws and usually a 5-burner hob. This allows you to simultaneously carry out multiple types of cooking processes such as boiling, grilling, baking etc. Brands like Belling, Britannia and Rangemaster produce a variety of range cookers in classic throwback styles so there is plenty of choices available.

Glazed Display Cabinets

Glazed cabinets

Throughout history and especially during the Victorian times, the interior design trend was to show off as much as possible when it came to displaying your possessions and finary. This led to the popularity of glazed display cabinets which have been a central component of many traditional style kitchens ever since.

Whilst glazed display cabinets provide a charming touch to your kitchen they also provide a practical storage solution for things like cutlery, silverware plates, dishes, mugs and glasses. There are a number of options available to make whatever is being displayed stand out including mirror fitted interiors (to introduce more light) or even electronic backlights.