Gas Cookers Walsall

When faced with the job of buying any cooking appliance, one of the first decision we need to make is regarding fuel source. If you are looking at cookers Walsall, then this question will have almost certainly cropped up as today’s cookers come powered by a multitude of fuel sources including electric, gas and dual-fuel. Although electric fuel source cookers are seen on paper as the more modern option, gas cookers are still widely used and insisted upon by many cooks and households.

As the largest appliance retailer for gas cookers Walsall, Borshch Electric has continued to cater for an increasing demand for high-quality gas cookers which does not seem to be slowing down anytime soon! At Borshch, we take great interest in what is driving customers to their purchasing decision and are constantly intrigued by the gas vs electric trade-off when people come to buy a new cooker. There are a number of reasons why some customers prefer gas over electric such as:

Heat is immediate and responsive

Gas cooker

With a gas-powered cooker, as soon as the hob ignites, it is producing the optimum level of heat needed to cook straight away and will heat up a pan instantly. Compare this say to an electric cooker top which may take many minutes to warm up to an optimum temperature. Gas users say that by using a gas-powered hob top, less heat energy is also wasted in the warm-up. Gas is also said to be more responsive in that if you increase the mark, the pan will become hotter that instant allowing for a more fluid and varied style of cooking. If you like the idea of having immediate and flexible control over your cooking, then visit Borshch for the best gas cookers Walsall.

Environmental Concerns

Environmental appliances

Although there is much debate around the environmental impact of a gas cooker vs an electric one, many agree that burning natural gas is cleaner than the combustion of coal used to generate electricity which releases large amounts of carbon into the atmosphere. It’s because of this that many of our environmentally concerned customers opt to use a gas burning cooker. If carbon footprint is something you are considering when buying a new cooker we are currently stocking the New World 600TSIDLm which is one of best value efficient gas cookers Walsall.

Cheaper to run

Gas cookers Walsall   

The higher price of electricity compared to gas has meant that many people have opted to use gas as their preferred cooking method. When you consider the immediacy offered by gas heat, this does make sense as minimal warm-up heat is wasted. It is also worth considering however that electricity in ring hobs is evenly distributed whereas with gas, this is not the case. If you would like more advice on gas cookers Walsall then our friendly team will be happy to impart their years of experience and advice to guide you towards the right decision.

Less heat wastage

Gas cookers Walsall

In a similar vein to gas top heating being more responsive, cookers using this fuel type also waste less heat in the long run. Once the flame is extinguished, the heat expenditure ceases immediately. Compare this to an electric cooker top where heat continues to emit even after you turn the appliance off. At Borshch Electric we have found that the demand for gas cookers Walsall has been in part to the fact that customers want an immediate heat source and wish to avoid wasting residual heat, a common problem faced when using electric cookers.

Borshch can help

Are you set on a gas cooker but don’t know where to start? Borshch Electric has an extensive range of both new and graded cookers in stock at our Birmingham and Walsall stores. We are also members of the Sirius Buying Group which commands an impressive purchasing power of over £100 million. This gives us the power to provide customers with the latest gas cooker models from top brands at the most competitive prices.

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