If you have used a tumble dryer then you’ll understand that there’s no going back to clothes horses or cumbersome drying racks that take up the room. Unfortunately, this is the only option available for many people when it gets to this time of the year due to the cold wet conditions outside. At Borshch Electric we help many customers who are interested in purchasing tumble dryers Birmingham at this time of the year. With energy bills rising as temperatures drop, some are sceptical of the energy efficiency of tumble dryers and the costs they incur. At Borshch Electric we offer a great selection of graded energy efficient tumble dryers at prices you won’t find anywhere else.

Interested in energy efficient tumble dryers Birmingham? Take a look at our top three energy efficient machines now on offer at Borshch Electric:

Beko DSX83410W Heat Pump Tumble Dryer - £269.99

If you are in a busy family household where a constant laundry and clean clothes turn-around needs to happen fast, then the Beko DSX83410W is the perfect model. You can pack in an impressive 8kg worth of laundry. This machine can pack quantity but also great quality with 16 special care cycles designed to handle everything from stains, delicates and heavier items.  In terms of energy efficiency, the Beko DSX83410W is an A++ trailblazer with up to 70% more energy efficient than your average C rated models. Heat pump dryers by their very nature rely on circulating the same hot air to remove the moisture from your laundry. This eliminates the need to keep heating new air up again and again. The smart moisture detection system also identifies the level of dryness in your clothes and ends your cycle when this dryness is achieved.

GRUNDIG GTN38250HGCW Heat Pump Tumble Dryer £299.99

With another 8kg drum, this machine like the GTN38250HGCW comes equipped to tackle large loads with a variety of different programs. The intuitive LED screen allows you to select the various programs and view the progress of each cycle. A great feature of the GRUNDIG GTN38250HGCW is its cooling system which blows cool air into the drum after the dry cycle ends. This means that your laundry is cool to the touch and easy to unload from the drum. The anti-creasing function rotates the drum every sixty seconds to ensure that your clothes don’t stick. The A++ rating means that you get all these features without paying expensive energy rates! You will be very hard pressed to find better prices on Energy efficient tumble dryers Birmingham so give Borshch a call today!

GTN38250HGCB/OG GRUNDIG GTN38250HGCB Heat Pump Tumble Dryer 


Our third pick as one of the most energy efficient tumble dryers Erdington is the ever-popular Grundig GTN38250HGCB. With a sleek black finish, this tumble dryer is stylistically versatile and has the power to integrate into nearly every surrounding. Function wise the Grundig GTN38250HGCB has a similar load capacity as the Grundig GTN38250HGCW and Beko DSX83410W all including 8kg drums. The secret to optimising energy usage of tumble dryers is using the heat it produces in the most efficient way and not wasting any of it. The GTN38250HGCB is one of the best options if you are looking for energy efficient tumble dryers Birmingham, features such as dry sensors will save you unnecessary operating costs and money in the long run.

Energy Efficient Tumble Dryers Birmingham

Are you looking to make laundry easier with a tumble dryer? At Borshch Electric we have got a great range of energy efficient graded tumble dryers Birmingham. The high quality of our graded products means we can offer you the latest in energy saving technology with huge discounts of around 40%. When you combine these savings with what you will go on to save in the long run by operating and energy efficient machine, you stand to gain the best of both worlds.

Looking for great deals on energy efficient tumble dryers Birmingham? Call us today on 0121 773 6361.