After what seemed like a never-ending winter, spring is officially just a few days away which means many of us will be enjoying the slightly milder climate as we progress into the summer. This is a great period to take stock, clear the house and upgrade that old spluttering fridge that may be at the end of its’ life. If you live in the West Midlands and are looking at new fridges in Erdington then you are in luck. Borshch Electric have recently opened a new store on High St and are offering great deals on hundreds of quality graded and new brands such as Smeg, Montpellier, Grundig & Beko. Many people are not aware that fridges can be the source of some serious health problems.


Packed fridge

Overstuffing is often an easy mistake to make especially if your current fridge is too small for the amount of food you need to store. We all know that the job of a fridge is to circulate cool air amongst the content of the fridge in order to slow down the growth of bacteria and keep the food intact for as long as possible. When fridges become packed and too overstuffed the cool air produced by the system is unable to move around and reach items that may be bunched in with other items. This can result in premature spoiling of food as well as the growth of harmful bacteria which can result in food poisoning.

Your Fridge Is Not Cooling At An Adequate Temperature

Fridge temperature adjust

Microbes and bacteria thrive in a temperature sweet spot of anything between 2°C and 3°C so it is essential to check your fridge thermometer and make sure that it is at 1° minimum. The thing to remember is that even if the temperature is a degree over 3°C, bacteria will have a chance to grow and although the food may not go off immediately, it will host the bacteria and cause health problems like diarrhoea, cramps and nausea if consumed. From a financial perspective, a fridge that is not as cool as it should be will cause food to go off quicker. If you have bought groceries from the front of the shelf at the supermarket, the expiration date will be closer and quicker to spoil if not consumed quickly. This process will only be accelerated by a slightly warmer fridge temperature potentially spoiling a fortnight’s food and costing you money.

Storing Eggs In Fridge Door

Eggs in fridge

Many people advise on not using the egg holder pallet commonly found on the inside of the fridge door. Although this is convenient and allows quick access to the egg it does not necessarily keep the eggs as fresh. Storing eggs in the door sometimes means that they are out of reach from the flow of fresh refrigerated air especially when other items form a blockade by being too tightly packed together. To stay fresh and unspoiled, eggs need a consistent temperature so it is best to keep them in their carton nearer the back of the fridge right next to a constant fresh supply of air.

Find A Great Deal On Fridges in Erdington

As we head into a warmer seasonal climate, the performance of refrigerators and their ability to produce temperatures capable of stemming bacterial growth becomes essential. Buying a new fridge is not just about the aesthetic and the technological upgrade, it is also about keeping your family free from illnesses like food poisoning, e-Coli, salmonella and other bacterial health risks. If you are looking for a good deal on a fridge in Erdington, Four Oaks, Solihull or Sutton Coldfield then come and pop into our brand new store or call us today on 0121 448 0202.