Are you looking for contemporary kitchens in Erdington? They seem to be all the rage with homeowners the nation over and it is easy to see why. The clean minimalist design creates a sense of clarity and space which introduces a fresh breath of character to a home. The upsurge in popularity of the contemporary style is also based on a growing preference of function over form as this straight-cut northern European style is effective at creating a sense of space in otherwise small cramped areas. Borshch Electric’s flagship Erdington store is now offering a range of kitchens complete with professional guidance from our in-house design consultant so if you are curious about what a contemporary style kitchen could do for you, come and pay us a visit!

So what are the contemporary style building blocks? Whilst there is strictly no single thing that fully typifies the style, there are some features that make a kitchen undeniably contemporary. 

Neutral Colours

Colour pallet neutral diagram

An un-rushed neutral colour scheme is often central to setting the mood in many Scandinavian/German inspired contemporary kitchens as it does a good job of creating a tasteful sense of cleanliness and order. Matt paint and textures are usually preferred as they absorb ambient light to give a smooth consistent texture. Popular shades include greige, beige, cream, white, grey mauve, stone and ivory.   

Handleless Cabinets

Open handleless cabinet draw

The popularity of handleless cabinets ties into the principal shared by many contemporary kitchens which makes the smooth tapering of surfaces a priority. Indeed having a unit of cabinets with no protruding metal handles promotes a neater impression but it allows someone the space to move around without catching their clothes or hurting themselves.

Opening cabinets that are handless usually employs a myriad of different opening methods with the most popular being the finger mould grove which runs the entire length of the cabinet and is allows users to access draws and cupboards by levering this recess. Alternatively, there are more sophisticated push-to-open mechanisms that will open and extend outwards at the push of a spring pad.

Island Layout

Island kitchen

One thing that characterises many contemporary kitchens is the island layout which marks the changing nature of the kitchen over time. In short, the island layout consists of a main hub of freestanding cabinets topped with a solid worktop. This creates a multi-purpose focal point in the room that opens out the environment.

There is a huge amount of significance The traditional role of the kitchen was purely focused on the preparation of food which would then be consumed in a separate dining room. Although in recent years households started to eat on kitchen tables, the kitchen space was very much process serving. Contemporary designs have disrupted this idea by introducing island worktops as a way of turning the kitchen into a central area that can be used to dine, work, relax and entertain.


Granite worktop

Now that you have your sleek island cabinet layout. it’s time to decide on the worktop which will act as the main surface upon which you dine, drink and prepare food. The worktop is a central component of the contemporary kitchen and makes a real statement so it’s important that you choose one that matches your style and texture preference.

When it comes to material options, there are probably about five or so main materials most used in countertops like Granite, Quartz, Ceramic, Glass, Stainless Steel and Corian. These heavy materials all have two things in common: they are durable and can deal with abrasions well. They are also very beautiful and radiate an abundance of character which is why it’s worth taking your time when picking one out.