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Your Shopping List by Borshch

Friday, 17 April 2020 09:35:09 Europe/London

Your Shopping List By Us - The Fridge

As we are all aware, the United Kingdom is currently in a state of emergency, meaning our nation is on lockdown. This is due to coronavirus, also known as COVID-19. For those who are unaware or are confused to what coronavirus is; coronavirus is an illness that can affect your lungs and airways. The main symptoms of coronavirus are a high temperature and a new, continuous cough. Although this may seem worrying and times are currently tough, you must remain confident that we will get through this and get through it much stronger. You can also rest assured that our countries incredible NHS is working incredibly hard and by all of us working together by following government guidelines, we will get through this difficult time much quicker. Currently, the only thing you are currently meant to leave the house for is essential work, to go to supermarkets for essential items, or once a day for exercise. At Borshch, our only intentions are to support our customers during this difficult time, which is why we have prepared a shopping list for Fridges for our customers to use on their essential item shops.


If you’ve got an egg, you’ve got a meal! Eggs are one item of food that can be added to a variety of different meals, additionally to this, eggs can be eaten for all three meals of the day. Whether your making an omelette, eating ramen, or having an egg to top off your cooked breakfast, an egg will always make a fantastic edition. Not only are eggs fantastic for meals, they are also key ingredients for baking. This is why eggs are definitely an essential item. Eggs are also a fantastic source of protein, selenium, vitamin D, B6, B12 and vital vitamins such as zinc, iron, and copper. During these difficult times, it is still vitally important that we stick to staying healthy by having a balanced diet. Eggs are a great food for having a balanced diet. Below is a list of meals and other foods that eggs are in the ingredients for:


  • Cooked breakfasts

  • Ramen

  • Omelettes

  • Cakes

  • Cookies

  • Egg Fried Rice.


Milk is definitely an essential item that belongs on your shopping list. Like eggs, milk can be used as a key ingredient for multiple recipes or enjoyed on its own. Another important and enjoyable use for milk is hot drinks, which for those who enjoy them, are key to relaxation. If you’re looking to spend lockdown serving tea and coffee for your family, you’re likely going to need to add milk to your shopping list. Milk is also packed with calcium, which is required to strengthen and build bones, additionally to keeping your muscles and nerves functioning properly. If you are a vegan or somebody who does not drink milk, there are many alternatives including almond and coconut milk. Below is a list of uses for milk or other milk alternatives:


  • Tea

  • Coffee

  • Cereal

  • Yoghurt

  • Banana Bread

  • Sauce


Condiments can upgrade the flavour of any food you have. If your cupboards are looking a bit empty or the last meal left in the house isn’t something that you don’t particularly enjoy eating, then condiments can improve the flavour and make a tasty meal. Condiments include sauces such as hot sauce, ketchup, barbeque sauce, and other things such as mayonnaise and mustard. Condiments can also include meals or snacks, going hand in hand with the main course. An example of this is mayo and chicken burgers, mustard with ham, ketchup with fries and more. Condiments can also be part of the ingredients for a recipe, such as hunters chicken.


Although butter can be a condiment, it also has many other uses which prove that it is an essential item. Besides being an addition to foods such as bread for sandwiches or toast, or to top other foods such as pasta, butter also has many other uses such as an ingredient for many different dishes and treats. Butter can also be used as a coking medium for different uses such as greasing pans or sauteeing vegetables. Without having butter, many dishes would be bland and unenjoyable. For basic and enjoyable meals, butter is certainly an essential item.


Vegetables are another essential item that can be stored in your fridge. Fruits are also an essential item, however, they cannot be placed in the fridge as it will cause the opposite effect of ripening. Eating vegetables daily is one of the most effective ways of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Vegetables can pretty much be added to any meal as a side or even as the main dish. Some vegetables cannot be stored in the fridge, which is why we have listed below vegetables that we are positive can be contained in your fridge:


  • Asparagus

  • Beans

  • Broccoli

  • Brussel Sprouts

  • Carrots

  • Cauliflower

  • New Potatoes

  • Spinach

Meat (Or Meat Substitutes)

Meat or meat substitutes are the most important part of any meal to many. Many meats have all sorts of health benefits, which is why they are an essential item. Whatever meat or meats you choose for your home is entirely down to your preferences. Meat can also be used for each meal of the day and stored once cooked for cold meals. If you’re bored or haven’t got anything to do, why not find a recipe before shopping and buy the meat for that recipe? Cooking is a fantastic way to reduce boredom. 

Fridge Birmingham

Despite the current situation with coronavirus, it is highly important that your home has a fridge and it is stocked with essential items. Fridges can keep your food fresh, drinks cold, and even keep your food hygienic. Without a fridge, we would need to make frequent trips to shops for more food, increasing the risk of spreading or catching COVID-19.  Borshch Electric stock an incredible range of fridges in Birmingham and other refrigeration appliances such as freezers from a multitude of manufacturers such as Bosch, Indesit, and Samsung. Browse through our incredible range today and find a fridge that is perfectly suited to your requirements and your home.


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The Rules Of Kitchen Renovation

Sunday, 1 September 2019 20:59:10 Europe/London

The official opening of our Erdington Store will take place this Saturday (August 31st) at 53 - 59 High Street. After months of hard work, patience and resolve, our dream of providing a one-stop-shop for appliances and kitchens is about to become a reality. As Birmingham’s favorite graded appliance specialist Borshch Electric has upheld a strong presence in the West Midlands through its five flagship stores and now has the capacity to serve Sutton Coldfield and the entire north-eastern pocket of Birmingham.

Director Simon Cox comments: “what’s always set us apart from other appliance retailers is our drive to go the extra mile, to offer the largest discounts on the best products and deliver real value”. He goes on to explain ”when you are re-doing a kitchen, it’s often such a complicated process with so many parts coming from several retailers all with varying approaches to customer service and quality. We wanted to simplify this process and offer customers the same value for money, support and customer service associated with Borshch but across everything they may need in the kitchen building process”. He explains proudly “It’s one point of contact, it’s trusted and makes life a whole lot easier for the customer”.  

To mark the opening of Borshch’s Erdington store we would like to share with you our thoughts on everything Kitchen renovation. If you are in the updating process and are looking for kitchens in Sutton Coldfield then consider the following important steps:

Bounce Your Ideas Off A Specialist

measuring a worktop

You may be a dab hand with a drill and a paint-brush but kitchens are a different beast altogether as they need to not only look good but also be multi-functional. Today’s modern kitchen is used as a place for food preparation, entertaining, relaxing, working and even socialising so it has to be designed flexibly which takes some seriously considered thought. If at all possible, try and consult a kitchen design professional and run your ideas past them before starting. You’d be amazed at the tips, thoughts and experiences you could benefit from, and it’s a good way of averting any costly mistakes before they are implemented. Annette is our in house kitchen designer and is always on hand to guide and advise you on anything you might need from worktops, appliances, faucets, sinks and even lighting. 

Understand Your Functioning Workflow

man and woman cooking  

Key to determining the appearance of your kitchen is to clarify your workflow. By this, we mean understanding what you use the kitchen for, the style of cooking you practice and the space you need. For instance, if you are regularly cooking for a house of five people who are coming and going (as is the case with most big families) you are going to need a large preparation space, the ability to cook huge quantities of food and a dining space within easy reach for serving.

In this particular case it may be that you opt for a large fridge freezer capable of storing large amounts of food, a large island worktop for preparation and a three cavity range cooker that is capable of cooking multiple feasts all at once. We would recommend you take some time to clarify your cooking requirements and select appliances and features to complement this. The dangers of not taking the above into account can be serious and could see you end up with a kitchen that is impractically equipped to deal with the challenges you face on a daily basis!  


counting pennies

This is a pretty simple thing to watch out for but in the excitement of the moment and the choices that it affords, going over budget can happen. Ultimately before starting a renovation project or even picking out a colour scheme, you should sit down and establish how much money you are prepared to spend. It is then a case of achieving your goals within the confines of this budget. A lot of people tend to forget about other costs besides the appliances and materials for example installation costs. Cooking, refrigeration and laundry appliances all need to delivered and then be hooked up to power and water supplies, the cost of which needs to be factored into the overall project. The great thing about Borshch Electric is that our graded products and kitchen features are geared towards being cost-effective and with up 40% discounts to be had, you’ll find that your budget can stretch further. 

Consistency In Style

Contemporary Kitchen

Style is always down to personal preference but the important thing that you must remember is consistency. Depending on how far into your kitchen renovation odyssey, it would have become pretty clear that there’s roughly two schools of style: traditional and contemporary. The traditional look roughly encapsulates warmer, natural colours and textures with a healthy dose of detail. Think wooden cabinets, country-style range cookers and characterful sunken-paneled cupboards. 

On the other hand, we have the contemporary style which relies on cool neutral colours, textures and streamlined design features to create a sense of space and minimalism. Some appliances are better suited to each of these styles better than others, for instance, a classic rustic cream range cooker would not fit in with the aesthetic of a minimalist Scandinavian style kitchen in the same way that a handless worktop would not be consistent with carved wooden plate cabinets. For the sake of uniformity and consistency, make sure to decide the style that you are going for and align everything around that when choosing fixtures, appliances, tiles and paint schemes.  



Planning for adequate storage is essential and can mean the difference between a free functioning workflow and eternal frustration. You need to keep in mind how much equipment you have and where the most accessible points are to get to it. We’re referring of course to things like pots, pans, blenders, crockery, containers, receptacles and other bulky items. Aside from having adequate storage space for your items, you need to make sure that this storage is positioned suitably so that it is easy and quick to access but also located close to where it will be needed. An example of this may be pans. Ideally, these should be in pan draws or racks as close as possible to the hob so that you can access them quickly when coming to cook.

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Five Things To Think About When Choosing A New Kitchen

Thursday, 1 August 2019 09:31:14 Europe/London

Choosing a new kitchen can be an exciting time because there are just so many options and sources of inspiration available. The internet is an amazing resource and platforms like Instagram and Pinterest have endless resources of just about every style or design approach conceivable. In an age of information overload, the sheer amount of possibilities and focus on aesthetic can often steal people’s focus away from the basic building blocks that make a solid functional kitchen. Our new Erdington superstore contains a completely integrated kitchen showroom complete with our own consultation team who can help advise you on everything from worktops, taps, sinks, colours, surfaces and tiles. As they will tell you, starting out with the basics is always the best way to go.Read More
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Worktops: Quartz vs Granite

Wednesday, 31 July 2019 08:41:14 Europe/London

Quartz is an incredibly hard mineral compound containing a number of silicon and oxygen components. In fact, the word “quartz comes from the ancient German term for hard which is why it is used to make robust long-lasting worktops that are said to last about 50 years. Rivalling quartz as a much-loved worktop material is traditional granite which is made from large chunks of minerals and has a wholesome appearance. If you are looking for a new kitchen re-fit then the worktop is an important component and you may find yourself wondering about the most suitable option between Quartz and Granite. Ultimately decisions like these come down to personal preference but there are definitely some things to consider.Read More
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Choosing Traditional Kitchens In Erdington

Friday, 21 June 2019 15:26:05 Europe/London

This month we have blogged about the meteoric rise in popularity of the contemporary kitchen and how scores of homeowners are being seduced by the bold, modernistic and functional appearance. Borshch Electric is fast becoming one of the most rated sources kitchens in Erdington and have lately been observing customer preferences with great interest. We have noticed that whilst the contemporary kitchen style is very popular, there is still a demand for the classic traditional kitchen as this style encompasses a different approach based on detail, personality and warmth. With many customers wishing to achieve the classic look, we’ve outlined some classically traditional features that you should consider when designing your new kitchen.Read More
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Buying Contemporary Kitchens In Erdington

Friday, 21 June 2019 10:36:36 Europe/London

Are you looking for contemporary kitchens in Erdington? They seem to be all the rage with homeowners the nation over and it is easy to see why. The clean minimalist design creates a sense of clarity and space which introduces a fresh breath of character to a home. The upsurge in popularity of the contemporary style is also based on a growing preference of function over form as this straight-cut northern European style is effective at creating a sense of space in otherwise small cramped areas. Borshch Electric’s flagship Erdington store is now offering a range of kitchens complete with professional guidance from our in-house design consultant so if you are curious about what a contemporary style kitchen could do for you, come and pay us a visit!Read More
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Appliance Science: How Do Freezers Actually Work?

Monday, 25 March 2019 15:37:05 Europe/London

We tend to take freezers for granted as they are somewhat of a household staple along with fridges, washing machines & dishwashers. Without the ability to freeze, we would have no capacity for medium-term food storage and would have to refrigerate everything that we buy and eat it before the sell-by date. This would mean constant trips to the shops and products such as frozen veg, ice cream, oven chips and much more would simply not exist! With spring now here and summer a matter of weeks away, we have bolstered our stock list with a fresh batch of high quality graded freezers and fridge freezers.Read More
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Buying Fridges in Erdington - Avoid Fridge Related Health Problems

Monday, 25 March 2019 10:00:55 Europe/London

After what seemed like a never-ending winter, spring is officially just a few days away which means many of us will be enjoying the slightly milder climate as we progress into the summer. This is a great period to take stock, clear the house and upgrade that old spluttering fridge that may be at the end of its’ life. If you live in the West Midlands and are looking at new fridges in Erdington then you are in luck. Borshch Electric have recently opened a new store on High St and are offering great deals on hundreds of quality graded and new brands such as Smeg, Montpellier, Grundig & Beko. Many people are not aware that fridges can be the source of some serious health problems.Read More
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Is Your Kitchen Ready For Christmas? Two Of The Best Cookers in Birmingham

Thursday, 13 December 2018 16:51:29 Europe/London

Christmas is a great time to come together and spend quality time with loved ones. For some of us, this means hosting multiple family members, relatives, friends and neighbours. If you are the designated host this year, you’ll be cooking at scale so it’s vital to make sure that you are adequately equipped and that your cookers are ready for action no matter how many people are stopping by! If your cooker has barely limped through the autumn and is on the edge of giving up then Borshch are here for you. We are offering some of the most competitive prices for Flavel cookers in Birmingham.Read More
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Borshch Electric Black Friday Deals

Thursday, 22 November 2018 10:12:15 Europe/London

The Christmas shopping period is about to officially launch with the Black Friday sales kicking off around the UK tomorrow. The season is a great chance to get your hands on a number of fantastic deals which can save you huge amounts of money. If you live in Birmingham or the west midlands and have been thinking about replacing a household appliance such as an oven, cooker or fridge, Borshch Electric has a range of great offers on industry-leading oven and cooker brands such as Beko, Fisher + Paykel, and Smeg.Read More
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