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Appliance Science: How Do Freezers Actually Work?

Monday, 25 March 2019 15:37:05 Europe/London

We tend to take freezers for granted as they are somewhat of a household staple along with fridges, washing machines & dishwashers. Without the ability to freeze, we would have no capacity for medium-term food storage and would have to refrigerate everything that we buy and eat it before the sell-by date. This would mean constant trips to the shops and products such as frozen veg, ice cream, oven chips and much more would simply not exist! With spring now here and summer a matter of weeks away, we have bolstered our stock list with a fresh batch of high quality graded freezers and fridge freezers.

Technically most of us are unaware as to how a freezer even achieves such low temperatures other than that we plug it in and switch it on! The real science behind how a freezer works is truly fascinating.


A Little History

Throughout the late 1800s and well into the 20th-century families used what were known as ‘cool boxes’ to keep their food fresh. They consisted of a wooden box with a zink lined interior which was partitioned into two compartments, one containing the food and the other containing a big block of ice for cooling. Other than the cool box, pickling and canning were pretty much the only ways of preserving food for longer periods of time so the concept of freshly preserving it for the long run was out of the question.


Freezers use a chemical refrigerant called HFC-134a, a hydrocarbon-rich gas that is not harmful to the ozone layer or environment, unlike its predecessor Freon. HFC-134a starts out in gas form where it is then compressed using the freezers compressor unit causing it to get very hot. The HFC-134a gas is then pumped throughout a network of metal coils where it starts to condense into a liquid. This liquid is then forced through a pressurised expansion value which turns it into a mist and absorbs all ambient heat and creating a cool environment. This process is repeated indefinitely to create a cold enough temperature to sustain freezing. The scientific concept behind how evaporation removes heat energy is very similar to the cooling sensation you feel on your skin when it comes into contact with alcohol.

Metal Coils

The metal coils in a freezer are very important as they provide an environment for the HFC-134a gas to condense and cool. A common problem on many old freezers is that the metal tube ways can become blocked with grime and residue over the years. This means that the HFC-134a cannot easily lose its’ heat resulting in a higher overall freezer temperature.

The Compressor

This device performs a critical function which keeps the process of continuous refrigeration possible. After the cycle is complete the refrigerant comes back round in liquid form having condensed back from mist form. Once collected the compressor converts it back into a gaseous state ready to be pumped through the first set of coils and then back through the expansion valve.

Time For A New Freezer?

Feel like you need a new freezer? It may be that you have noticed that your current freezer is struggling to keep a good temperature or that it is just in need of an upgrade. Borshch Electric specialises in high quality graded freezers and fridge freezers in the Erdington area. We can offer savings of up to 40% on brands such as Smeg, Beko, Grundig, Montpellier and Ice King. We even offer same day delivery on selected items so call our Erdington store today on 0121 448 0202 .

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Buying Fridges in Erdington - Avoid Fridge Related Health Problems

Monday, 25 March 2019 10:00:55 Europe/London

After what seemed like a never-ending winter, spring is officially just a few days away which means many of us will be enjoying the slightly milder climate as we progress into the summer. This is a great period to take stock, clear the house and upgrade that old spluttering fridge that may be at the end of its’ life. If you live in the West Midlands and are looking at new fridges in Erdington then you are in luck. Borshch Electric have recently opened a new store on High St and are offering great deals on hundreds of quality graded and new brands such as Smeg, Montpellier, Grundig & Beko. Many people are not aware that fridges can be the source of some serious health problems.


Packed fridge

Overstuffing is often an easy mistake to make especially if your current fridge is too small for the amount of food you need to store. We all know that the job of a fridge is to circulate cool air amongst the content of the fridge in order to slow down the growth of bacteria and keep the food intact for as long as possible. When fridges become packed and too overstuffed the cool air produced by the system is unable to move around and reach items that may be bunched in with other items. This can result in premature spoiling of food as well as the growth of harmful bacteria which can result in food poisoning.

Your Fridge Is Not Cooling At An Adequate Temperature

Fridge temperature adjust

Microbes and bacteria thrive in a temperature sweet spot of anything between 2°C and 3°C so it is essential to check your fridge thermometer and make sure that it is at 1° minimum. The thing to remember is that even if the temperature is a degree over 3°C, bacteria will have a chance to grow and although the food may not go off immediately, it will host the bacteria and cause health problems like diarrhoea, cramps and nausea if consumed. From a financial perspective, a fridge that is not as cool as it should be will cause food to go off quicker. If you have bought groceries from the front of the shelf at the supermarket, the expiration date will be closer and quicker to spoil if not consumed quickly. This process will only be accelerated by a slightly warmer fridge temperature potentially spoiling a fortnight’s food and costing you money.

Storing Eggs In Fridge Door

Eggs in fridge

Many people advise on not using the egg holder pallet commonly found on the inside of the fridge door. Although this is convenient and allows quick access to the egg it does not necessarily keep the eggs as fresh. Storing eggs in the door sometimes means that they are out of reach from the flow of fresh refrigerated air especially when other items form a blockade by being too tightly packed together. To stay fresh and unspoiled, eggs need a consistent temperature so it is best to keep them in their carton nearer the back of the fridge right next to a constant fresh supply of air.

Find A Great Deal On Fridges in Erdington

As we head into a warmer seasonal climate, the performance of refrigerators and their ability to produce temperatures capable of stemming bacterial growth becomes essential. Buying a new fridge is not just about the aesthetic and the technological upgrade, it is also about keeping your family free from illnesses like food poisoning, e-Coli, salmonella and other bacterial health risks. If you are looking for a good deal on a fridge in Erdington, Four Oaks, Solihull or Sutton Coldfield then come and pop into our brand new store or call us today on 0121 448 0202.

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Is Your Kitchen Ready For Christmas? Two Of The Best Cookers in Birmingham

Thursday, 13 December 2018 16:51:29 Europe/London

Is your kitchen ready for Christmas? Two Of The Best Cookers in Birmingham

Christmas is a great time to come together and spend quality time with loved ones. For some of us, this means hosting multiple family members, relatives, friends and neighbours. If you are the designated host this year, you’ll be cooking at scale so it’s vital to make sure that you are adequately equipped and that your cookers are ready for action no matter how many people are stopping by! If your cooker has barely limped through the autumn and is on the edge of giving up then Borshch are here for you. We are offering some of the most competitive prices for Flavel cookers in Birmingham.

Cookers Birmingham - Flavel FHLG51W/OG

Flavel FHLG51W cooker - Cookers Birmingham

For a limited time only we are selling this fabulous Flavel oven hob combo cooker. Flavel is a fantastic British cooker manufacturer and can quite literally be credited with pioneering what we know of as the gas cooker of today. If you are looking for cookers in Birmingham that are capable of comfortably taking on a Christmas dinner for four people then the FHLG51W will make short work of any turkey with its 51-litre oven. You’ll also get four gas hobs which provide immediate heat for boiling those potatoes, carrots and other accompanying sides. As if this wasn’t enough the FHLG51W includes a high-level grill which is ideal for crisping pigs in blankets and other snacks.

We all know how messy the aftermath of a Christmas dinner can be. Luckily the Flavel FHLG51W oven is made of an easy-clean interior enamel which refuses to bond with many dried on stains making maintenance and cleanup as easy as possible. This compact cooker certainly packs a punch and best of all is the price. For only £279.99 you can get your hands on the Flavel FHLG51W which retails at around £359.99. We’ll also throw in a 12 months parts and labour guarantee. The Flavel FHLG51W won’t be around for long, it really is one of the best deals on cookers in Birmingham at this very moment - enquire today!

Cookers Birmingham - Flavel MLB5CDW/OG 

Flavel MLB5CDW - Cookers Birmingham

Favel has always catered for everyone whether it’s the large family in a big house or the couple occupying a studio flat. The Flavel MLB5CDW is a testament to this and with a sleek 50cm width, you’d expect it to a modest oven capacity. Wrong. The MLB5CDW boasts an amazing 58-litre oven capacity which is ideal for cooking multiple dishes all at once! The ceramic hobs are incredibly responsive more so than a lot of comparable models.

This means that aside from getting instant heat, you also get to the added bonus of an easy-clean surface, making the cleanup of gravy and mulled wine spills effortless. If you are looking for deals on cookers in Birmingham we advise you to enquire about the Flavel MLB5CDW immediately! Only at Borshch Electric can you find this model for only £229.99, that’s a massive saving of just over 26% from the RRP. The Flavel MLB5CDW represents simplicity and flexibility, please call now or enquire online for more information.

Looking For Last Minute Cookers In Birmingham - Think Borshch Electric

We are Birmingham’s most popular family-run appliance retailer. We value all customers and strive to consistently exceed expectations. It’s not too late to find yourself a great deal on a fantastic cooker. Our Birmingham store will be open all the way up to Christmas eve so there’s still time! Call us today on 0121 773 6361 or visit our store at Neptune House, Upper Trinity Street, Birmingham, B9 4EG.

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Borshch Electric Black Friday Deals

Thursday, 22 November 2018 10:12:15 Europe/London

Borshch Electric Black Friday Appliance Deals Birmingham

The Christmas shopping period is about to officially launch with the Black Friday sales kicking off around the UK tomorrow. The season is a great chance to get your hands on a number of fantastic deals which can save you huge amounts of money. If you live in Birmingham or the west midlands and have been thinking about replacing a household appliance such as an oven, cooker or fridge, Borshch Electric has a range of great offers on industry-leading oven and cooker brands such as Beko, Fisher + Paykel, and Smeg.

With hundreds of amazing Black Friday appliance deals across our Birmingham, Erdington, Dudley, Bromford and Walsall stores, you stand to make savings of up to 35%.

Beko WTG741M1B/OG 7Kg Washing Machine (SAVE 35%)

Black Friday Appliance Deals Birmingham

Beko has sold more than 30 million appliances in the UK winning numerous awards due to their high standard of manufacturing and economical cost. At Borsch Electric, Beko’s agreeable price points have just become even lower with this sleek and stylish WTG741M1B/OG 7Kg Washing Machine which you can pick up for a jaw-dropping £149.99. The savings don’t stop there. Aside from the manageable 7kg drum capacity the WTG741M1B/OG also holds the highest energy rating possible at A+++ which means you can benefit from the 1,400 rpm spin speed without having to pay more for your energy bills.

Fisher + Paykel CI604CTB1 Fisher + Paykel Induction Hob (SAVE 21%)

Black Friday Appliance Deals Birmingham

This four zone induction hob is great for busy family life where the need for multiple cooking areas arises. The smart black finish is great for hiding stains, spills and burns and is also very easy to clean. Induction cooking is favoured by more and more people. Electricity reacts with the iron pans in order to produce localised heat. This reduces the amount of energy lost in traditional heat transfer methods such as gas and results in reduced energy bills. Enquire about the CI604CTB1 today!

Smeg Uk UK26PXNF4 Upright Frost Free Freezer (SAVE 24%)

Black Friday Appliance Deals Birmingham

There’s never a bad time to buy a new freezer especially if you are feeding a big family and regularly bulk buy and freeze food. Black Friday is the perfect opportunity to pick up this sleek, slender and stylish upright freezer that packs an incredible five draws, two shelves and frost preventative technology. There’s also no danger of ever leaving the freezer door open as the UK26PXNF4 even has an acoustic alarm which sounds when the door is not fully closed! We are selling this unit at £529, a price you will not find anywhere else considering that they retail at around £699.  

Smeg A1P-9 90cm Dual Fuel Range Cooker (SAVE 20%)

Black Friday Appliance Deals Birmingham

Coated in a tasteful vintage cream this beautiful stainless steel Smeg range cooker runs on both electric and gas fuel. This gives you the benefits of immediate and controllable hob heat along with well distributed electrical oven heat. The main features of the oven are; its triple fan, rapid pre-heating, ecologic option, closed door grilling, air cooling system, end of cooking alarm, large LCD display, soft close door and its electronic controls. If you are passionate about cooking you’ll love the 50 automatic programmes and 11 cooking functions that come as standard with the A1P-9.

Black Friday Deals At Borshch Electric

Borshch Electric are number one for graded appliance technology in the west midlands. We have an unbeatable selection of quality appliances across our five regional stores in Birmingham, Erdington, Dudley, Bromford and Walsall.

The Borshch Black Friday sale is the perfect opportunity to get your hands on some of the best-branded appliances at low prices. All of our appliances are guaranteed and in many cases, we offer next day installation.  

To view more Black Friday deals please visit our website for online enquiries and we will be happy to assist you.


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Range Cooker Birmingham And The Ultimate Sunday Roast

Monday, 29 October 2018 16:10:10 Europe/London

Range Cooker Birmingham And The Ultimate Sunday Roast

Nothing marks a chilly winter Sunday afternoon quite like a full roast dinner with the company of family and friends. As many seasoned cooks will tell you, the secret to a roast dinner is totally reliant on preparation, quality and patience. The way in which your joint of meat is cooked plays a huge part in making the difference between an average sit down and something that sets you up for the week to come. If you are thinking range cooker Birmingham think Borshch Electric. As a business with deep family roots, we know how amazing these cookers are in producing the full Sunday works! In the spirit of a good family roast, we’ve decided to give you a guide to the ultimate range cooker roast for fall 2018. If you are looking for a new cooker, or have looked at any range cooker Birmingham in the past, this guide will be sure to inspire you to make a decision you won’t regret!

The Oven

Range Cooker Birmingham

The oven is the most important component of a range cooker and for cooking large communal meals like roast dinners, it is ideal. Most range cookers come with two ovens which is great if some of your guests are vegetarian. The two compartments would allow for the separate but simultaneous cooking of a joint of meat and a nut roast dish which would could all be served and ready at the same time. If a double oven range cooker Birmingham makes sense to you, then why not check out the Stoves 444441656/MG 100cm Induction Range Cooker

available now. This particular model has an excellent slow-cook oven which when combined with a solid cast iron construction cooks things thoroughly with even heat distribution.


Range Cooker Birmingham

The integrated hob which comes included with a range cooker is a further reason as to why range cookers are perfect for cooking the perfect roast dinner. With a choice of gas, dual fuel or induction, the large hob space allows you to boil or steam large pan sizes of vegetables for the meal all in one go without having to boil multiple pans at different times due to spatial constraints. There are many different types of hob configurations but ceramic glass hobs tend to be easier to clean. For the ultimate ceramic hob range cooker Birmingham, we recommend The TR103IP 100Cm Induction Range Cooker Cream which is available right now at Borshch Electric.

The Grill

Range Cooker Birmingham

Some range cookers come with a dedicated grilling draw which means that while slow cooking in one oven, you can grill in another dedicated compartment at the same time. Grilling comes in handy when cooking a roast dinner as there are plenty of applications for it. Once boiled on the hob, soft and fluffy roast potatoes, swede or parsnips can be laid under the grill to get an outer grilling. Simply lay any of these vegetables out on a tray, brush them with a touch oil, sprinkle with sea salt and a pinch of black pepper before putting them under a medium grill heat for 10-15 minutes! Selecting a range cooker is largely dependent on what kind of cooking you plan on doing but if you grill regularly this should underpin all the models you consider when searching for a range cooker Birmingham. At our Upper Trinity Street store, you can find great deals on range models with separate grill stations like the Beko BDVI90K.

Borshch Electric Birmingham

Since 1982, we have been providing customers with low prices on the latest appliance technology from industry leading brands. Our vision today is to continually exceed customer expectations and maintain high standards, the likes of which have seen us open five stores over the greater Birmingham area.

Borshch Electric offers many options for purchasing a great range cooker Birmingham. We also offer an unbeatable selection of graded range cooker products which can save you hundreds of pounds!

For more information visit the range cookers section of our website or call our Birmingham store on 01217736361



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Gas Cookers Walsall

Monday, 29 October 2018 15:19:54 Europe/London

Gas Cookers Walsall

When faced with the job of buying any cooking appliance, one of the first decision we need to make is regarding fuel source. If you are looking at cookers Walsall, then this question will have almost certainly cropped up as today’s cookers come powered by a multitude of fuel sources including electric, gas and dual-fuel. Although electric fuel source cookers are seen on paper as the more modern option, gas cookers are still widely used and insisted upon by many cooks and households.

As the largest appliance retailer for gas cookers Walsall, Borshch Electric has continued to cater for an increasing demand for high-quality gas cookers which does not seem to be slowing down anytime soon! At Borshch, we take great interest in what is driving customers to their purchasing decision and are constantly intrigued by the gas vs electric trade-off when people come to buy a new cooker. There are a number of reasons why some customers prefer gas over electric such as:

Heat is immediate and responsive

Gas cooker

With a gas-powered cooker, as soon as the hob ignites, it is producing the optimum level of heat needed to cook straight away and will heat up a pan instantly. Compare this say to an electric cooker top which may take many minutes to warm up to an optimum temperature. Gas users say that by using a gas-powered hob top, less heat energy is also wasted in the warm-up. Gas is also said to be more responsive in that if you increase the mark, the pan will become hotter that instant allowing for a more fluid and varied style of cooking. If you like the idea of having immediate and flexible control over your cooking, then visit Borshch for the best gas cookers Walsall.

Environmental Concerns

Environmental appliances

Although there is much debate around the environmental impact of a gas cooker vs an electric one, many agree that burning natural gas is cleaner than the combustion of coal used to generate electricity which releases large amounts of carbon into the atmosphere. It’s because of this that many of our environmentally concerned customers opt to use a gas burning cooker. If carbon footprint is something you are considering when buying a new cooker we are currently stocking the New World 600TSIDLm which is one of best value efficient gas cookers Walsall.

Cheaper to run

Gas cookers Walsall   

The higher price of electricity compared to gas has meant that many people have opted to use gas as their preferred cooking method. When you consider the immediacy offered by gas heat, this does make sense as minimal warm-up heat is wasted. It is also worth considering however that electricity in ring hobs is evenly distributed whereas with gas, this is not the case. If you would like more advice on gas cookers Walsall then our friendly team will be happy to impart their years of experience and advice to guide you towards the right decision.

Less heat wastage

Gas cookers Walsall

In a similar vein to gas top heating being more responsive, cookers using this fuel type also waste less heat in the long run. Once the flame is extinguished, the heat expenditure ceases immediately. Compare this to an electric cooker top where heat continues to emit even after you turn the appliance off. At Borshch Electric we have found that the demand for gas cookers Walsall has been in part to the fact that customers want an immediate heat source and wish to avoid wasting residual heat, a common problem faced when using electric cookers.

Borshch can help

Are you set on a gas cooker but don’t know where to start? Borshch Electric has an extensive range of both new and graded cookers in stock at our Birmingham and Walsall stores. We are also members of the Sirius Buying Group which commands an impressive purchasing power of over £100 million. This gives us the power to provide customers with the latest gas cooker models from top brands at the most competitive prices.

Looking for great deals on a gas cookers Walsall? Call us today on 01922 279 927 or visit our store at 17 The Arcade, Walsall, WS1 1RE.





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Energy Efficient Tumble Dryers For Under £310

Friday, 26 October 2018 10:34:21 Europe/London

If you have used a tumble dryer then you’ll understand that there’s no going back to clothes horses or cumbersome drying racks that take up the room. Unfortunately, this is the only option available for many people when it gets to this time of the year due to the cold wet conditions outside. At Borshch Electric we help many customers who are interested in purchasing tumble dryers Birmingham at this time of the year. With energy bills rising as temperatures drop, some are sceptical of the energy efficiency of tumble dryers and the costs they incur. At Borshch Electric we offer a great selection of graded energy efficient tumble dryers at prices you won’t find anywhere else.

Interested in energy efficient tumble dryers Birmingham? Take a look at our top three energy efficient machines now on offer at Borshch Electric:

Beko DSX83410W Heat Pump Tumble Dryer - £269.99

If you are in a busy family household where a constant laundry and clean clothes turn-around needs to happen fast, then the Beko DSX83410W is the perfect model. You can pack in an impressive 8kg worth of laundry. This machine can pack quantity but also great quality with 16 special care cycles designed to handle everything from stains, delicates and heavier items.  In terms of energy efficiency, the Beko DSX83410W is an A++ trailblazer with up to 70% more energy efficient than your average C rated models. Heat pump dryers by their very nature rely on circulating the same hot air to remove the moisture from your laundry. This eliminates the need to keep heating new air up again and again. The smart moisture detection system also identifies the level of dryness in your clothes and ends your cycle when this dryness is achieved.

GRUNDIG GTN38250HGCW Heat Pump Tumble Dryer £299.99

With another 8kg drum, this machine like the GTN38250HGCW comes equipped to tackle large loads with a variety of different programs. The intuitive LED screen allows you to select the various programs and view the progress of each cycle. A great feature of the GRUNDIG GTN38250HGCW is its cooling system which blows cool air into the drum after the dry cycle ends. This means that your laundry is cool to the touch and easy to unload from the drum. The anti-creasing function rotates the drum every sixty seconds to ensure that your clothes don’t stick. The A++ rating means that you get all these features without paying expensive energy rates! You will be very hard pressed to find better prices on Energy efficient tumble dryers Birmingham so give Borshch a call today!

GTN38250HGCB/OG GRUNDIG GTN38250HGCB Heat Pump Tumble Dryer 


Our third pick as one of the most energy efficient tumble dryers Erdington is the ever-popular Grundig GTN38250HGCB. With a sleek black finish, this tumble dryer is stylistically versatile and has the power to integrate into nearly every surrounding. Function wise the Grundig GTN38250HGCB has a similar load capacity as the Grundig GTN38250HGCW and Beko DSX83410W all including 8kg drums. The secret to optimising energy usage of tumble dryers is using the heat it produces in the most efficient way and not wasting any of it. The GTN38250HGCB is one of the best options if you are looking for energy efficient tumble dryers Birmingham, features such as dry sensors will save you unnecessary operating costs and money in the long run.

Energy Efficient Tumble Dryers Birmingham

Are you looking to make laundry easier with a tumble dryer? At Borshch Electric we have got a great range of energy efficient graded tumble dryers Birmingham. The high quality of our graded products means we can offer you the latest in energy saving technology with huge discounts of around 40%. When you combine these savings with what you will go on to save in the long run by operating and energy efficient machine, you stand to gain the best of both worlds.

Looking for great deals on energy efficient tumble dryers Birmingham? Call us today on 0121 773 6361.


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Thursday, 25 October 2018 16:41:51 Europe/London

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